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Finepuss Ragdoll cats, Herefordshire. HR3  U.K. Tel.01544 328482

This page was last up dated 07/11/2019

This is Finepuss Roberta she is sold on the active register to the right person as a potential breeding queen when she is old enough to breed from.

Roberta is a lilac point Ragdoll and she would be a great asset to a new breeding program because depending on the sire you put her with she could give you seal, blue, chocolate or lilac coloured kittens.

For more information please contact me.

Female kittens are sometimes available on the active register to suitable homes.  If you are new to breeding make sure you have done your homework on this breed.  For more information on Ragdolls go to GCCF web site and 'The British Ragdoll Cat Club'  I'm happy to guide you and mentor you if necessary. Please contact me for more information.