Casper - Lilac point & white bicolour ragdoll, very gentle laid back boy. His father is Champion Kiwimagic Palce Prince Arne. 
 Lovely Pomy - Seal mitted ragdoll - Carrying the dilute gene. This pairing of pom and Casper has given us some beautiful blue as well as seal coloured kittens.

Flossy - blue point mitted - Flossy carries the chocolate gene - she has given  us some beautiful blue, also  Lilac  kittens.

 Millie - Seal point & white bicolour
Finepuss Liberty - Lilac point
Naomi - blue point & white bicolour
Millie - seal point & white bicolour
Liberty - lilac point
Naomi - blue point & white bicolour
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Finepuss Ragdoll cats, Herefordshire. HR3  U.K. Tel.01544 328482